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    Some direction/guidenance needed ...

    Hi to all here at WHT. I found a really good community here, people who are dedicated to help to others. So, I think I will get some guidance for my issue.

    Can anyone here help me and tell me if you ever heard of any open source application which will help me to verify a sender whether he/she is a real person or some script which is sending emails to my email accounts. The goal I am trying to achieve is: someone is sending an email message to one of my email accounts, that email account sends an automated email message requesting the sender to send a simple reply to be verified as a valid sender. After I get that reply the senders email address is added to the white-list file and from that moment on his/shes emails will be accepted without a problem. I found some application which I thought would solve my problem (Active Spam Killer - ASK), but this application seems to be abandoned by its author because the last version of it was released sometime in 2006. I tried to install it on my Fedora 11 powered server, but I did not succeed.

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    TMDA, but it also may have become unsupported.

    If you don't use something like spf-checking to assure that your mail really comes from who it says it comes from then using this type of software will make you a source of spam - since you will be sending challenges to people who never mailed to you when you respond to forged return addresses on incoming spams.
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