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    My 2 Week Review Of

    I decided to not put all my eggs in Dot5Hosting's basket - so i wanted to spread my sites to multiple datacenters. Dot5 was/is going great, but i want to put my sites in more than one place. So, after posting a RFP on WHT, I chose - 2 weeks ago.

    After a staff member named Anton answered all of my questions, mostly via eMail, my account was setup in a few hours. I was able to use it - since i had a unique IP right away. I was pretty happy with this - as the speed was pretty quick.

    Its been 2 weeks - and we've experienced no downtime. I will say they are not the quickest servers in the world - i've been on faster, but for the price/service, they are great. Tonight- i had a problem with the PerlDesk that was autoinstalled from Cpanel5 and Anton fixed it within 30 minutes - no questions asked.

    So, i'd like to give a "A" for their work so far - lets hope this review doesn't jinx them - and they keep it up.

    -Darren Herman
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