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    * 3 years at theplanet,plan to switch,Hivelocity or Webnx ?

    I have been with theplanet since jan 2007.I m paying 130 (including cpanel) dollars a month for a vintage pentium 4 with 2 GB and 80 GB

    i see that i can get a way better cpu and hard drive for the same amount,or even less.

    i did have a chat with a couple sales reps at theplanet and i told them about the offers (from hvelocity) and webnx) listed here.the reps dismissed them saying they are inferior hosting companies and that they have never heard of them.they also said that if they havent heard of the companies,it probably doesnt exist.they also added that rackspace is the only hosting company that can come close to theplanets' level of service.

    so i m left with hv and webnx.which one would you guys choose ? i have heard good reviews about both,but was shocked to see a couple bad review threads about hvelocity today .

    the "buy down" thing at webnx sounds good.what do you guys think about it ?
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    I think the webnx would be the better deal because I too am seeing bad reviews about Hivehost. Although they are a good hosting company overall...that standard seems to be dropping drastically
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    Id also go with WebNX

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    I've been with WebNX for about 4 days so far - so pretty early to tell what they're like in the long-run but so far have been fantastic and based on the reviews around, I expect things to be the same down the road too so would recommend them.

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    I LOL'd when I read the comparison to RackSpace. Not to mention the fact that you are paying too much for the server you currently have with The Planet.

    I have read a few good reviews on both companies you listed, I have not done business with either of them so I can't give a personal recommendation. Looking at a comparison of prices I would go with HiVelocity.
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    why cant try gigenet they much better than hivelocity and webnx
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    I do have experience with both HiVelocity(just over a month) and WebNX (around 15 months).

    WebNX is my primary location with 3 servers, and they have given me no reason to look elsewhere even for new orders. You might find the sales process of WebNX to a be a little slow, but be rest assured that you are in good hands support wise. They are pretty flexible in accommodating your requirements.

    HiVelocity has also been pretty decent in their service. I had a few support tickets (port speed, firewall blocks etc.) which took some time getting solved, but it was more because of time zone difference. I had no problems with their network despite being on a cogent only network. Keep in mind that it's a backup only server, so the experience is pretty limited.

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    i know this is old thread, but i just wanna share my honest opinion about them both. Currently I still have servers on both of them and im happy with them.

    WebNX - very affordable and give you unmetered bandwidth. but they dont do ddos filtering and lack of 'support' when you have software or technical problem because they are unmanaged. I recommend WebNX if you need powerful affordable server with unmetered bandwidth and you have high skill in server administration.

    Hivelocity - excellent support. no need to say more. but the price is ofcourse higher than WebNX. so I recommend Hivelocity if you need help alot with your server or you expect a ddos attack, because they will really help you when you are in trouble.

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    No host is perfect; you can find negative reviews for just about any host. That being said, I've hosted with both and you can't go wrong with either, but I have more servers at WebNX because their pricing is lower.

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    Why don't you switch to SoftLayer?
    If you have money I do not advice to focus just on 2 providers in US. There is a lot of good providers in US. SoftLayer is on the top of the list, but if you visit WHT offer section you may find something even better.

    Anyway, good luck!
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    For $130, You can have a good Core2 Duo system with 4 GIG of RAM & 1 TB of HDD. I have not done business with either of them, but HiVelocity looks good to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keywolf View Post
    Id also go with WebNX
    How is the support on WebNx?

    Take a second look at SoftLayer, they are reliable and provide great support although maybe overpriced compared to others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WireNine View Post
    Take a second look at SoftLayer, they are reliable and provide great support although maybe overpriced compared to others.
    I think that SoftLayer is probably a bit more expensive than what the OP is looking for. They certainly offer excellent service though - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hostingcertified View Post
    For $130, You can have a good Core2 Duo system with 4 GIG of RAM & 1 TB of HDD. I have not done business with either of them, but HiVelocity looks good to me.
    I think you mean Core2Quad.
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    That's a bit expensive imho. YOu could probably get a Quad at WebNX for $130/mo. The network has nice speeds to Asia and inter-continental too.

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    Why not contacting them and asking them for an hardware upgrade as you are a long term customers of theirs?

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    WebNx is good. We host with them as well.
    Never had a issue till date.
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    I m paying 130 (including cpanel) dollars a month for a vintage pentium 4 with 2 GB and 80 GB
    I'm paying significantly less for a Core 2 Duo with HiVelocity (got it while they were having a sale). I'd recommend them

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