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    new to reselling with no clients whats wrong

    i sing up for reselling and i have no clients once so ever...
    I have good package and good price so what am i doing wrong.

    My site looks okay.

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    Where Are you Advertising,

    What Price You Paying For Your Reseller

    What Makes You The best Host To Be With

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    So you just through your website up and called it a day?

    What are you doing to promote your website? People don't just automatically come to your website once it is online. You should be doing thinks like forum marketing, building links to your site for future SEO efforts(it will take you about a year to break into web hosting SEO), local marketing, make an affiliate program, drive traffic to your affiliate program offer, recruit affiliates, etc.

    I hate to break it to you, but making the website and getting the reseller plan is the easy part. Now you have to work every day to drive traffic to your website. I think that if I would have to put a percentage on it, marketing should represent 90% of your work load while you are just starting out.
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    Youve not got a reputation as yet
    its hard but stick at it

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    man this suckzi need atleast 10 people to pay the hosting bill

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    userkiller, you have received some pointers here.

    Obviously selling is a vast subject.

    But you might want to fix your order links for a start. I don't think anyone can order on your site. Your links' anchors have href="#".

    You might want to start with this fix.

    Impossibility to order would be a serious business breaker .
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    Thank am also having problems with whmap am currently changing it to whmcs.
    so the site will be down for a bit

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    - Your site looks n00bish... It's as if you've been given it for free from some website.

    - Your site images are a mess and rough around the edges.

    - Your webspace is confusing and too exact, keep it to 3GB or 3,000mb.

    - Your hosting companies name means nothing to me and your domain is hard to remember.

    - Apparently you have secure login, but no SSL.

    - A lot of your content is out of align and your own english on this forum is appalling

    My guess? You come across as fairly young (probably 14-16), highly inexperienced and have obviously not thought about your business enough.

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    I remember a previous HUGE thread where a 16 years old new WHT member, placed some 2-3 servers in his bedroom, connected them to fiber optics from his residential location, came on WHT and started asking for "sales advice".

    First of all, after reading you every post, I must say it DID remind me of my beginning. The long long nights of not sleeping, using every white hat techniques available to drive traffic to the website, make the domain name easy to remember, encourage affiliates etc etc

    So WELCOME to the hosting business. It is not easy these days to start a business. Not to mention a hosting business.

    Anyone can have a template-driven website placed online, get a WHMCS monthly lease and hope for the best. But it will take many nights and days of planning a sales strategy, specific and precise calculations SELL.

    My thoughts for you as way forward:

    - get a very UNIQUE or at least custom website designed by a true web designer
    - make sure you are addressing a specific and precise-targeted customer base (e.g. get a contract with an IT Magazine in your area to publish a full page of your add, and in exchange host their website for free.... you get exposure to people in your area and they get hosted)
    - try to bring extra features beside the usually common offered space and bandwidth (maybe get a great designer to offer web design for your customers, or a Joomla specialist to manage and install Joomla sites for your customers etc)
    - do NOT browse competitors' websites and go under their prices, it will kill you. Your objective is to sell, not to go bankrupt

    I am too tired to go on but if you want, I can come back with some more.

    Good luck and God bless!
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    Thanks. but how do i remember you to that kid. my servers are located in theplant

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    Quote Originally Posted by userkiller View Post
    man this suckzi need atleast 10 people to pay the hosting bill
    You'll have to go out and find them. They don't just stumble in on their own.

    But before you do that, go through your site and fix every spelling and gramattical error. Not some of them, not most of them, all of them.

    For example, is your email address really [email protected]? And the link won't work anyways. It is just "#".

    What did you do? Buy a "get rich quick in the billion dollar web hosting industry" starter package on ebay?
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