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    Exclamation Gathering Evidence against Cyberstrider

    Some time ago I used 10quid for web hosting and then found I along with others were being effectively blackmailed to move to Cyberstrider. Using very aggressive tactics. I have records of some 4 people so far...

    Just recently I have again been held over a barrel as I wish to move my domains.

    To this effect I am trying to gather evidence of any similar accounts with evidence either e-mails or in writing as I think it is time that BBC programs Rouge Traders and or Watchdog investigated this company.

    As you may gather - if you are looking at hosting I would strongly suggest you look elsewhere...

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    How did they blackmail you to move over? I take it you registered your domain names with them? That really sucks - which is why I never can recommend registering your domain name with your web host. The situation can get real sticky, especially if you let your payment lapse. They will hold that sucker hostage.
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    Yes the domains were registered with them - and the payments were upto date. Basically the old 10quid package had limits that were exceeded and this wasn't available for us to see online, or e-mailed to us. So after a year or so they e-mailed saying we had overused by 'x' Mb GB and owed them several hundreds of pounds. However, they were more than willing to overlook it if we moved to Cyberstrider (Basically new name - same sh*t)

    A few months ago we tried to cancel the account - but couldn't access our site, there site, there support network and even the phones were ringing off after one ring. (We are talking weeks not hours!!!) So we wrote to cancel and now they are denying all knowledge of the letter, and yes you guessed it it will cost another 100 for us to have 'our' domains moved and the account cancelled.

    I have spoken to 3 others all of which have had similar experiences so it aint just me...

    So in short I have made it my life ambition that no one else will suffer at the hands of Cyberstrider - I have a simple aim I want them closed / put out of business for good... Harsh (possibly) but very fair.

    The only important bit is it has to be verifiable and true...


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    Man that is really shady. I thought I was bad making my clients pay-up their overdue invoices before I released a domain name. But these guys have taken it to a whole new level. How much work have you done to promote your domain name? What is its' PageRank? How many links have you built for it?

    If you aren't getting anywhere with them, you might have to cut your losses and register a new domain name.

    All you can do is go around to every web hosting review site and spread the word about how they are shafting you.
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    Paying up when overdue is fine - its a business after all, but at the moment we have 2 current domains that are affected - reasonably well advertised, and have already cut our losses on a further 3 domains.
    The page rack - luckily isn't a huge problem, nor are the links. To be honest it isn't even the money, or the loss of domains - its a matter of principle - and every now and then I feel the need for a sacrifice - and today Its Cyberstriders corporate head that I want on the block.

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