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    Need to pay for a fax number?

    I am thinking about getting a all-in-one printer, fax machine, and copier. I have a phone and dsl with my provider. Do I need to get a fax number or pay an additional fee or just hook it up to my phone line? I am not really sure about how this is done.

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    Just ask your phone provider, I believe they will be happy to assist you.

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    You might look into using an Internet based fax service. I don't send or receive many faxes, but I have an account with for when I do need to do so.
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    I could use or if I want to send it for free but I thought about getting physical hardware so that I could print and scan things.

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    Interesting advice here.
    Faxes can come in on the same line as phone, and should not cost anything extra nor need special "setup". The only time you'd incur additional cost (AFAIK) is if you wanted a dedicated line for it. Rarely necessary.
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    I would say use efax for receiving, and then use an actual fax machine on your existing phone line for sending.
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    Yup, there are many options out there

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    Just hook it up to your phone line.

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    You can use to send no-ad free fax online.
    You can use to get a free fax number and receive fax for free.

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    For the people recommending the online service for recieving faxes, you will THANK them later... when you NEED a fax and you are not at your telephone location!

    Sending faxes, I scan the pages into my scanner, then send via the internet...

    I don't pay for a service because I don't send a lot of faxes... one or two pages a month, maybe. I receive more than I sent so I use (actually is my toll free number, but it can also accept faxes).

    I don't receive a lot, so kall8 works. There are cheaper services out, but I've been with them since maybe 2000 or 2001... why fix what is not broken. lol
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    Great stuff. Thanks a million.

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