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    how the VOIP System?.

    How the Voip system works. Could anyone explain me technically?.

    What i am trying to find how to start our own VOIP Reseller system like Betamax?.

    What should i do technically and what will be the investment for this ?.

    Is there any Ready made system to use to start my own Voip System.

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    I wrote a bit earlier on how voip works.
    you can find the post here:
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    Mr Admin0
    I Hope u Write The Second Part

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    If you are looking for a open source telephony project check it supports VOIP protocols.

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    Don't forget you need to have a solid vendors or about $500 millions to become a vendor your self ;-)

    There is a some systems that "ready" to go but in many cases you will not be able to find some features that you want... + they can't hold a lot of call's.

    If you need a carrier grade solution should look in to Alcatel, Sonus and GenBand products for switching equipment and as of Billing and Provisioning there is a lot to pick from but I can recommend that works... is AVA VoIP billing.

    You can find they demo here good solution to start with.

    P.S. Unforchantly Cisco does not have any good carrier grade products for VoIP but they good for SMB and Enterprises.
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    I would recommend reading this, I found it useful:

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