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    Best Tutorial to Learn about Regular Expression in PHP

    I would like to learn Regular Expression Perfectly.

    Could any one send me the links to Learn Regular Expressions in PHP Perfectly.

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    Have a look on this link given below, hope this will help you.
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    Since PHP uses perl-compatible regular expressions (all the preg_ functions), I'd start there. Try googling "perldoc perlre"

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    While not exactly PHP specific, this is a great resource for REGEX and other items.
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    I have made good use of both of the sites mentioned above.

    Very useful resources.

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    I don't think there's a "perfect" resource, but there are plenty of good ones out there!

    Then there's lots of other good cheat sheets on the web!, but the best thing to do is just play around with different expressions etc...
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    I have used this regular expressions tutorial when I was just a newbie in PHP:

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    Mastering Regular Expressions, Second Edition
    By Jeffrey E. F. Friedl

    Friedl's book is something of a standard, highly recommended. Don't be put off by its focus on Perl, the concepts are the same regardless of language, and many languages have implemented "perl compatible regular expressions" (PCRE).

    You can also look at on-line regular expression testers - very handy when learning, perhaps still useful to experienced folks alike when dealing with hairy regexes. Here is one for PHP:
    Or one for Python and PHP:

    Or how about an add-on for Firefox:
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