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    Free Domain transfer

    Does anyone know of any sites that do free domain transfer without me having to pay for 1 extra year? I want to transfer 5 domains

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    With registrars operating on a for-profit basis, I don't think it's even technically feasible for anyone of them to do so.
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    in my years I've yet to see a free transfer and if there is then you'd be placing the dn into his pocket without any security.

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    transfers cost money and add 1 year to registration.

    Why would someone spend money on it and not charge you?
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    If i were you, i wouldn't trust such a company, since transferring ALWAYS cost $$. Be carefull, and choose an icann accredited registrar.

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    You have to pay the transfer fee, otherwise the registrar will be losing money.

    There is a service called "Push" or "Move", where you can move the domain to another person account without paying anything (does not include one year registration).

    I would suggest just paying for the transfer fee, its cheap!

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    I don't think a register will give you a free transfer specially when domains are based by yearly billing cycle.

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    Some hosting companies may offer a free transfer with hosting, but you may lose full control of the domain.

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    If you ever consider this as a rote to get an extra year for free, please, please, please read the Terms and Conditions, dnki is quite correct that you may well lose control and therefore there may be a "transfer out" fee to pay, some registrars still do that.

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    As far as I know all companies require domain owners to pay for 1 extra year. But transfer, itself is absolutely free.

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