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    Best Tutorial To Learn Smarty Templates in PHP and Ajax?

    What books or online documentation which you recommend to Learn Smarty Template Engine and Ajax.

    My requirement is ...

    I am trying to work out on a script which uses ajax to get the drop down combo box filled with values from a php variable using ajax and smarty Template Engine.

    If you have any examples related to Smarty Template Engine and Ajax please let me know specficially for this topic.

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    Smarty is pretty simple, start with the crash course:
    Then just read the documentation.
    As for Ajax, you'll want to pick a Javascript library - Prototype and jQuery are the two popular ones, have a read of their respective documentation.

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    I get all of the tweets from mediatemple, and they posted the link to 15 video tutorials teaching jquery from 100% scratch... i looked over them and they seem very good.

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    for ajax tutorials, i'm usually read here :

    but for mediatemplaes i'm just use another source and edit it

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