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    Best way to host big Files

    Hi what's the cheapest way to Host big files ?(Legal)

    My budget is $15/Mo and I need Like 250GB (space) and 500GB of bandwidth. is it possible to get something for that price ?

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    The best way to do this is by using a cloud enviornment such as the one that Amazon offers but that will be out of your budget.

    Other than that, there really is no other way to do it. There are plenty of hosts who now offer 'unlimited' or obscene amounts of disk space and bandwidth but 99.9% of them have clauses in their acceptable use or terms of service policies that forbid users from using their services as a file dump/file sharing site.

    You can look around for these hosts but I can just about guarantee you that you won't find one that will let you do what you're looking to do.

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    you can try hostgator and amazon s3

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    I don't see how your going to obtain 250GB (space) and 500GB of bandwidth for only $15.00 'per' month. If you do please give us a review on the server speed and technical support / customer service. Thank you very much and best of luck to you!
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    the budget and space requirements are not proportional enough for you to get good service - it's not worth it for any host to give you that much space for so little money. the space requirement is dedicated level and I can tell you, you won't get a good dedicated for $15/mo. you need to revise that a little.

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    Is the purpose of this just for plain storage or backup? You're going to have to raise your budget by a lot to get 250GB disk space alone, nevermind the bandwidth.

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    go for cirtex hosting they have very great prices for your request

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    Firstly $15.00 a month is quite cheap in respect of the Space Allocation!
    If you want to host big files for (non-backup) purposes then I would suggest that you invest in a Dedicated Server.

    Looking at what you require, You will find it hard to use 250GB of Space on any Shared or Virtual Environment unless you are guaranteed the actual allocation usage by the webhost in question.

    go for cirtex hosting they have very great prices for your request
    Cirtexes Service which offers 50,000MB is 200,000MB Short than the OP's request! Though as a non-client of theirs, It would be hard to say if anyone actually uses this allocation, Besides Resellers.

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    Hmm, there are file hosting web sites like rapid share.

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    With the bandwidth you only have the bandwidth to download a full accounts worth of files twice before going over, I think you need to say what purpose you need it for for people to help

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    Buy a dedicated server or use a file hosting service such as Rapidshare or MediaFire.

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    Right now, I am using hostgator and its really really good. To make the price, what you need to do is call some friends and try to divide the annual payment of hosting to make cheaper, nice huh?

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