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    What is DNS Attack and what measures need to be taken

    What is a DNS Attack?.

    What measures need to be taken to prevent a DNS Attack?.

    Does Cpanel Control Panel Provides any options to prevent this. If so, What are they ?.

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    It's either a flood on your DNS port or a DNS vulnerability exploit.
    Most registrars can host your DNS, so better let them do it so that you don't have to worry about it.
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    There are a few types of DNS attacks but normally if you just use the latest version (patch), you'll be fine. I wouldn't really worry about the DNS flooding since your host's sensors should take care of any major DoS attempt against your machines.

    I haven't used cPanel much, but it looks like it can update your system's services for your when new patches are released, so make sure you do this.

    Additionally, here are some extra hardening steps you can take:

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    primary stuff is to close your bind configuration
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