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    will i go for hostforweb?

    after days of research for the right webhosting company, i have been considering to go for hostforweb because it offers affordable reseller plans with unlimited domains. But before i swipe my cards, can anyone share their expereinces with hostforweb, good or bad comments are most welcome!

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    I signed with them today 12/4/02. I got screwed bu two other companies listed on WHT, that could not even get me an IP address. HFW looks good, nice backbone, 888#, always someone on AIM or there Live chat room to talk to you and answer ? I hope it works out better then the other two. Good luck with you.

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    I switched to HFW in January after my former host Oasis simply vanished from the face of the earth with my pre-paid year in their pocket. (Oasis is the sorriest bunch of thieves that ever existed)
    I have read that many people have had problems with HFW. I had a few in January and was worried for a while. There are still a few intermittent glitches here and there and they do seem to happen at the worst times but they have said they are changing to a better data center, adding upgraded servers, identifying clients with bad programming (like looping scripts) that were hogging sever loads and removing them.
    I am looking forward to a promised new program that is supposed to be available within a month offering resellers such as myself a server option with limited (like 5 to 7) resellers per server.
    The only times they have been slow on support was when they were swamped BUT when I have expressed my concerns about support times they have always responded. Their “slow” responses were when it took over an hour. Usually they are very fast.
    If you don’t have to choose right away I would give them 2-3 weeks to see if they resolve all their problems as promised (some customers on other servers have reported far worse problems than mine in January).
    After just having one catastrophic failure I am not too quick to consider moving since they have made promises and I chose HFW because before last Jan. there was nothing but great reviews about them here. I’ll wait to see if they keep their promises. That will tell the quality of company they really are.
    I will say that unlike other companies the day I was most upset and raising heck at them they had the owner (Alex) call me personally within the hour. That was a nice touch.

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