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    /usr shows full, but it does not look to be full

    I am having a strange problem with a partittion on a 1and1 Plesk server.
    The servers shows /usr as Full but when I check the files there, it seems not to have that volume of data (4.6G)
    Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    rootfs                950M  776M  127M  86% /
    /dev/root             950M  776M  127M  86% /
    none                  990M  116K  990M   1% /dev
    /dev/md5              4.7G  4.6G   67M  99% /usr
    /dev/md7              221G  142G   80G  65% /var
    /dev/md6              4.7G  4.4M  4.7G   1% /home
    none                  1.0G   42M  983M   5% /tmp
    As it is seen, it contains only some MB of information, barely half of the partition itself.
    du -sh /usr/*
    69M     /usr/bin
    0       /usr/etc
    0       /usr/games
    14M     /usr/include
    92K     /usr/kerberos
    331M    /usr/lib
    248M    /usr/lib64
    18M     /usr/libexec
    325M    /usr/local
    16M     /usr/sbin
    348M    /usr/share
    0       /usr/src
    0       /usr/tmp
    Any idea where the rest partittion has vanished?
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    May be some hidden files.

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    I think it might be happen due to an open file that has been removed, and which will not 'free up' space allocation until the file is closed.
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    Try restarting the services and if it does not help, try a reboot.
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    Thank you odishahost.
    The problem was because of the syslogger.
    As it is seen below there was a delete maillog not completely erase.
    Restarted syslog and it shows at least 1G free.
    lsof | grep deleted
    splogger 4446 qmaill 1u CHR 136,1 3 /dev/pts/1 (deleted)
    mysqld 20830 mysql 4u REG 0,13 0 603893298 /tmp/ibb3nkvH (deleted)
    mysqld 20830 mysql 5u REG 0,13 20 603893301 /tmp/ib4Cf7L7 (deleted)
    mysqld 20830 mysql 6u REG 0,13 0 603893303 /tmp/ibwkhU2x (deleted)
    mysqld 20830 mysql 7u REG 0,13 0 603893501 /tmp/ibLOcnkY (deleted)
    mysqld 20830 mysql 11u REG 0,13 0 603900717 /tmp/ibHD3eTo (deleted)
    syslogd 26587 root 3w REG 9,5 3484771553 12634530 /usr/local/psa/var/log/maillog (deleted)
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    To free up some more space in the /usr partition, you can try the following :

    1. Restart the httpd service. This might free a little space some times.

    2. Check for apache logs like error_log, access_log , suexec_log in /usr/local/apache/logs . These can either be cleared off or if you need the logs then you can take a zipped copy and keep it aside.

    3. Same can be done for the files in cPanel logs (/usr/local/cpanel/logs) as well .

    4. Domlogs – Get into the /usr/local/apache/domlogs/ directory. Run the following command :-

    # ls -al -SR | head -10 —> It will list 10 files in the decreasing order according to their size

    If the domlog file is too large for a domain then it is possible that awstats is not running . Check whether cpanellogd is running on the server using pstree . If not, restart it .
    Else, it is possible that awstats for only that particular domain is not updating. Get into the directory /usr/local/cpanel/base and check if any file as ‘’ exists. If yes , delete that file.

    Now, run /scripts/runweblogs for that user. It will update the awstats and automatically clear the domlogs file thereafter. Do not delete the domlogs file itself.

    5. Remove old and unwanted backups of ‘apache’ that might have been taken long ago. Also, check for any other duplicate folders that can be removed safely.

    6. Remove core files, if any . Normally, some core files (like core.1234) might be present in /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot . Check for these and remove them.

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