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    Running multiple servers

    Does anyone know of an easy way of running multiple servers on one domain? We want to run several servers side by side instead of just the one so that we can run different sites etc.. We really want every site to have the same sub domain if possible..


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    Not sure I understood your query - please elaborate.

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    Well, I guess are you talking about something like Round robin DNS clustering one domain on multiple server.
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    Thanks for the reply.. We have multiple servers that we use for different hosting. We were wondering if it was possible to have some clients on one and some clients on another etc.. But, we wanted them all to have the same sub domain (if they wanted a sub domain). Hope thats clearer, trying to explain something that im not really sure about is rather difficult!


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    You can certainly host clients across multiple servers. Depending on the control panel will dictate how you set this up.

    With regards to the sub domain, are you saying you would like the users to be able to get their own subdomain based off your domain and have it redirected to their site? It can be done, but may be tricky.

    Off the top of my head, you can setup the domain on both servers and simply have the A record for each sub domain pointing to which ever server the user's site is on. Then just setup the vhost entry on that server. I don't know if any control panel will do this for you... ?

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