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    1$ / month - Hot Offer.! 90% Discount.! 25 GB space, 500 GB bandwidth, Premium Server

    HiveSpeed is offering high quality, excellent value web hosting, cPanel reseller hosting and powerful dedicated servers. Let us look after your internet presence whatever your requirements round the clock with our reliable, safe and secure hosting platform. If you can not find a suitable package on our website please contact hivespeed for a bespoke quote.

    All our premium Hosting Plans come with the latest cPanel, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, 30 Days Money back Guarantee and Instant Account Activation

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    HiveSpeed Special promo Package
    # 25,000MB US Web Space
    # 500GB Data Transfer
    # Unlimited Mailbox Users
    # Unlimited MySQL Databases
    # Unlimited Domains
    # Custom Nameservers (
    # cPanel / WHM
    # 4x Daily R1Soft CDP Backups
    # Latest PHP 5.x
    # Virus and spam scanning
    # Monthly Contract

    Regular Price $19.99/Month

    Promotion Price - 1$ / month or 12$ a year (Only for first 1000 signups)

    Activation Fee - NIL

    Activation time - INSTANT

    -First 100 Signups will receive FREE 7.99$ domain reseller account .

    How to Order -

    Visit the link below

    Not what your looking for?

    We pride ourselves in being able to create a tailored product to fit any solution. Please contact HiveSpeed with your requirements.


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    Had to give it a try for a buck, however:

    - INSTANT setup was just over 3 hours long.
    - Day 2 I get an email saying that my account is to be terminated after month 1 as they are getting rid of monthly billing and if I want to carry on I have to resign up and pay for 12 months.
    - No $7.99 domain seller account even though it would appear I am the 10th person to signup (not 100% sure on that but as my invoice was #10 I am just guessing)

    The server seemed quick quick from the UK but I won't sign up for a year anywhere without a few months testing.

    Just awaiting the reply from HiveSPeed to see why they are getting rid of monthly billing the day after I signed up.

    No trashing the above offer, if it stayed monthly I would probably keep trying it out.

    However if you click the link above the $1 has ended suddenly and its now $7.99 a month.

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    We had to terminate the 1$ offer because we had reached our limit for the promotion. We would be introducing a different promotion shortly.

    Your free domain reseller account will be activated within three days if you were within the first 100 signups. I'l have to verify that though.

    The promotion price now is 7.99$ instead of 19.99$ regular price.

    We can offer you FREE trial on the reseller hosting account if you would like to try before you buy. Just send a mail to [email protected] with your request.

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    If I resign up do I get it for 12$?

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    The 1$ / month plan has been relaunched. But the specs have been updated. You get 1 GB space with 10 GB bandwidth for 1$ / month.

    Please click on the link below to order

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    Well I have had no reply from you on whether or not you will honour the 12$ a year I signed up to on the monthly plan.

    I will now say that this was nothing but a classic bait and switch

    As a matter of interest did anyone get the original deal that was stated in the thread?

    Hope no one Googles your name, I bet this thread will pop up somewhere near the top of the heap.

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    this is scam,

    i cant login to WHM/Cpanel

    he's not reply my email,

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    Quote Originally Posted by lanogan View Post
    this is scam,

    i cant login to WHM/Cpanel

    he's not reply my email,
    I'd suggest you to login to your support ticket system to verify. Try logging in using the account details that was sent there. We sent your account details the day you signed up.

    Moreover, remember that you are on a FREE reseller hosting plan.

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