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    Decent price for an VPS

    I am watching the VPS market for some time now and to me it seems there is a decent price or at least an price range for each VPS. For Example an VPS with 512 MB of Ram and with cPanel:

    The cheapest provider I have seen so far is who offered the VPS for $10 and $13 (total $23) they were owned by which seemed to be pretty reliable, but we all saw them being hacked recently. You might find some even cheaper providers but they are all owned by some kids playing around and usually selling their services after an 3 to 6 month period.

    On the other hand there are provider like who are really reliable but way more expensive $55 for an 512 MB Ram VPS you pay there which is more than double the amount.

    So now I am wondering what is your opinion on this, what do you think is the value of an 512 MB Ram VPS with cPanel, or to ask it the other way around how much would you pay for an 512 MB Ram VPS.

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    $15-$25 is fair for 512mb VPS I think when you look at the price to your host.
    Also remember a host might sell cPanel for $20 but you can always get your own license for $14p/m from directcpanel so that reduces the cost.
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    There is different with the price if the host include "managed" services in the plan as well compared to just cPanel license only.

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    I would say $20-$25 per 512MB is a fair price for the host to operate with a decent profit per server (depending on their hardware)
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    Thank you very much for your feedback so far (I am talking about unmanaged VPS just to answer BasicCX's question).

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    Quote Originally Posted by xojac View Post
    Thank you very much for your feedback so far (I am talking about unmanaged VPS just to answer BasicCX's question).
    Yes, but you are referring to GeekStorage which is offer managed service. So I though it's included. NVM.

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    You might only be looking at unmanaged but you compared it to a managed service. That right there answers the question you asked, the difference in price is for the managed service.

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