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    Problems with server, some pages load where others dont' please help.

    Hi, for 30 hours now I have been arguing with my host about that manny of my websites hosted on the servers don't pull, they keep saying it is my IPSP.

    I need input and help from you guys, please let me know which of the below websites pulls up for you also the one which don't.

    I appreciate your help very much.

    PS: This is not a way to spam... but I need to see if anyone in this world beside the hosting company can pull up the above sites.

    If I can't solve this problem I will need a new hosting company for our dedicated servers.... which will be another issue since I need to move fast now.

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    I can load all of your sites fine.

    Maybe you are blocked from the firewall?
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    Maybe DNS has not been updated yet for the some of the web sites?
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    Thank you Guys..... it was my box which somehow didn't made an update to the DNS.... the hosting company could just have told me which direction I should look at....

    Anyway... thank you very much for your help.

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