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    Question Apache MPM worker

    Is anyone here using the Apache MPM worker module? It is ment to make Apache faster because it makes Apache multi-threaded. Has it decreased your server load?

    By the way, does anyone know where to download it from?, because on the website it doesn't have a download link.

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    You should have it already though..

    #httpd -l

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    I am running a few web hosting servers with mpm worker and fast cgi, this servers definitely perform better, this apply for load and performance.
    Now the down side to the threaded model is that everything you work with has to be thread safe. And this is not the case with PHP this days, meaning you will have a lot of issues with PHP based web sites.

    I did forgot to mention that you don't download the worker mpm or any other kind of mpm for apache, you simply compile apache with this options or use the OS default package manager in order to get it installed, yum, aptitude, etc...
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