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    * DMEHosting

    Anyone else has problems with them?
    My VPS is down from almost 20h now.
    They said something about reinstalling the server but this was more than 12h ago.

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    Yes, I am down too. I was not able to get to HyperVM at all earlier today. Today I can see the login screen find but my passwords are always wrong, and the reset-password function is not working as its not recognizing my username/email combination.

    I'm really disappointed in DME hosting that they did not bother to release an emergency announcement. If you are having trouble, just state it. Keeping everyone in the dark just ruins your integrity.

    David, before you ask what my ticket number is: #850777

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    This message is on their own support forum as obviously WHT is not their support forum:

    "Unfortunately the Raid array on this server went corrupt which ruined the partition tables on the hard drives. We have spent 12+ hours trying to get data off the hard drives but have been unsuccessful.

    What we are doing now is recreating the VPS's and each client who was on that server will get a new "VPS Ready!" email shortly with their new VPS details."

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    So, i should feel lucky because i have a weeks old backup?
    Another nightmare to install everything again.

    EDIT: Yep, everything lost.
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    They could have at least sent an email to the affected clients. I just got up and was wondering what the hell happened until I looked here.

    I thought the whole point of a RAID array was redundancy?

    Are we going to get some sort of partial refund for this downtime? As I'm losing money while this is down.

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    Well, if you are worried about a refund it means you have backups
    Be happy then ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuxStyle View Post
    Well, if you are worried about a refund it means you have backups
    Be happy then ...
    Yes, I do . I will try and move some of the stuff to a smaller, low end VPS from a different company that I was using for secondary DNS, but it's going to struggle to handle it (128MB RAM 256MB burst lol).

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    Perhaps my downtime is due to this rather than the corrupt array?
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    Wow, they did lose all the data. The evening before it went down (I finished my work at 11pm and all hell broke look at about 4am), I had just completed my site. I did not bother to back it up just at that time, I instead went to bed. The next morning, no VPS. And now I find that all my work is gone.

    DME, you do not communicate *after* the fact. When something goes wrong you communicate with your customers quickly and with honesty. Couple that with all of my data probably gone for good and its not hard to imagine that my confindence in DME is gone.

    I would love to see a full disclosure report of what happened. What's the point of RAID if you cannot recover? Do you know how many things must go wrong, the strong likelihood of human error, for an entire array to go bad? Some honesty would be nice.

    How about an ETA for recovery? How about some compensation offered?
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    it is a nightmare

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    my VPS is down email...found out after getting home from work...submitted a ticket and posted in the replys yet...

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    If they were using proper RAID array setup then there would be backups on the slave drives.

    Makes me think they may have been using a single point of failure 1 SATA/SCSI drive for everything?

    Feel sorry for you guys that lost everything.

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    Can someone confirm that they are telling the truth about the openvz kernel issue.

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    Wouldn't be surprised if it was a mixture of openVZ and HyperVM issue?

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    Well, my "new" VPS has a different IP
    More time wasted ...

    Oh, well, this happens when you pay 9$/month ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob Wall View Post
    Can someone confirm that they are telling the truth about the openvz kernel issue.
    While this was an issue - I'm not sure if it caused servers to have data loss.

    We were affected and backup within an hour.

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    I also have a new IP which is listed as a bulk email spammer, so now my sites cant send any email, fantastic!

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