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    hello .. i have installed Kloxo in my vps.. now i create domain.. but now DNS Server where i get these? to register domain ned NS have the server dns
    is so complicated


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    To register a custom dns server, you will have to do that with your domain registrar.

    Just point the ns ips to the ips on the server.

    Then update the nameservers.

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    exactly ^

    run command ifconfig to find the two IP's which you then insert where it asks on the page.
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    hm i have Hypervm server and i installed Kloxo .. but server have 1 ip

    CubicH-Gray and here Ip addres and ip adress but not work the page

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    First think in Kloxo, create/add DNS template. You can make any name you like as DNS template name. Then, set primary dns as your domain like: Also set secondary dns of your domain like:

    Don't forget to add your in Kloxo after you set DNS template.

    After that, insert your VPS IP in your domain manager, with and

    That's it, and your website will be online after DNS resolved.

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    as a note, kloxo will also work if you do not setup custom nameservers.

    In case you do not specifically need to host your domains at kloxo dns server you can simply point your domains using A record to kloxo ip address, and then create your domains/account within kloxo.

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    leave is not work.

    I have one question to not open other thread..

    How to secure Website.Anti Doss but website no Server, becouse im not owner of the server i have one hosting i have dossed and seerver is down is so low i thing we can't doing something alone

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