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    Want to build an website for affiliate only content


    I am thinking of creating a website where I will post coupon codes or voucher codes for businesses. That is, my site's primary content will be those coupons and vouchers.
    Is there any reputed service that offers you discount vouchers for businesses listed with them and lets you publish them on your website for referrals?

    To get an idea of exactly what I want, these are the websites that i have in mind:

    These websites are affiliated with UK only programs, I am looking for providers that provide vouchers to international publishers. One example is

    I have searched a lot on google but I can see only affiliate programs that are suitable only as advertisements on your site and not as primary content.

    The fact that makes me interested in such programs is that you don't have to convince your website visitors to buy any products, rather you only have to get your voucher or coupon found by the customers and you get commission for that.

    I will appreciate any ideas.

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    I wasted so much time in writing this thread and it seems no one has even read it

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