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    Need help to start a hosting company with Virtuozzo an modernbill


    Im looking to hire some one reliable that can help me start a hosting company that will have shared and VPS plans, i need some one that has knowledge in installing scripts too since i want to make share plans that reaches out after specific users an offers specific features, one example is the Hostcolor shared plans just to give you an idea of what im looking for. Please remember this is to start a new host site and will involve a lot of script installing and configuration, and im not only looking to get the design integrate with kayako and thats it, everything thats needed must be one, that includes but doeas not limit live chat, design integration, plans set up and configuring Modern bill with Virtuozzo.

    Please contact me on MSN [email protected] or just PM me here

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    I have added you on MSN amd sent a PM.

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