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    Talking New WHT member here!

    Hi, I am james_clayton. I have been lurking this bbs for a few weeks now. I have decided that I will become (or try to) a contributing member.

    A little background information: I have been working in the (enterprise) IT industry for about ~14 years or so. My specialty is sysadmin/netadmin of Windows/Linux networks. I have been primarily working for other employers. But, I have recently decided to start a little on the side business, and venture into the hosting industry, among other things.

    I guess I know how to do most of the techinical stuff. Its the business side of things that I would like to polish up on.

    I hope by joining this community will give me better insight into being a better professional hosting provider. I also wanted to say thank you for providing such a great place to talking about hosting.

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    Welcome to the industry James! You'll find WHT an invaluable community, and you'll meet some of the greats in the industry who'll give you every help to get started.

    Be prepared though... hosting is not an easy ride, you'll want to find out how you can really differentiate yourself, and avoid the "i'm cheaper i'm cheaper" trap the kids fall into all too quickly.

    Best of luck!


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    A couple points of interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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    I hope to benefit from the site

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    Welcome on-board James - we sure look forward to picking your brains for ideas sometime ... and ofcourse, perhaps, we might also be able to help you out!

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