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    * WebNX Sizzlers: 8 core16gb ram 2x1TB$199, 20x1TB bu server, 5506 24GB RAM w/raid $259

    ***More smoking deals from WebNX, grab yours before its too late!***

    We are well known for our custom configurations, no cookie cutters here. If you want 8 drives, 16 drives, 24 drives? how about 32, 64 or 128gb ram? 8,16, 32 cores? not a problem!

    Need big bandwidth, 10tb,20tb,30tb? 100mbps+ ? not a problem! email us your needs

    This week’s upgrade specials:
    $50/mo to upgrade any of the 2TB/100mbps servers to 3TB of BW
    $99/mo to add 5TB of BW to any server
    Now offering FREE DirectAdmin on any $120+ Dedicated Server

    This Weeks High End Promo:
    • 16 core Intel Monster, 32gb ram, 4x 300gb 15k SAS w/ raid 10
      Four Intel Dunningham 7440 cpus, 16 cores at 2.4ghz each
      32GB ram +$150 for 64gb
      4x300gb 15k rpm SAS w/ hardware raid 10
      $499 w/ 5TB BW over 100mbps

    Massive file server / backup server:
    • Quad core 5420, 4gb ram, 20x 1TB RE3 w/ hardware raid 6
      4 cores at 2.5ghz each (can upgrade to dual quad core)
      4gb ram +$15 for 8gb +$25 for 12gb
      20x 1TB RE3 hard drives with hardware raid 6, bbu installed for write cache
      160gb boot drive
      Need lots of storage? now is your chance to get it cheap!!
      $499 w/ 5TB BW over 100mbps

    Reseller package deal 10x Core i7 920's:
    • 10x Core i7 920, 6GB DDR3, 1TB HDD($119 each)
      Ten Intel core i7 920 servers, perfect for reselling (or setup your own cluster!)
      Super fast DDR3, 4 cores at 2.66ghz each, new architecture with direct memory controller
      6GB ddr3 +$120 to upgrade all of them to 12GB
      1x 1TB hdd per server second drive for only $90 more per month
      10TB shared between the servers

    **Going fast! we won't be undersold on these, time to switch providers**
    • Dual Intel Xeon 5420, 8gb ram, 1x 1TB RE3 HDD
      8x cores at 2.5ghz each
      8GB ram, +$15 for 12GB +$35 for 16gb (can upgrade to 32gb or 64gb if needed)
      1TB RE3 HDD +20 for 2x w/ raid 1, +$55 for 4x 1TB RE3 w/ RAID 10
      $199 2TB/100mbps Premium Mix OR unmetered/10mbps
      Or grab a 5 pack of them for $925 or $185 each

    • Intel Core i7 920, 12GB DDR3 memory, 1x 1TB RE3 HDD
      Super fast DDR3, 4 cores at 2.66ghz each, new architecture with direct memory controller
      12GB DDR3 memory
      1x 1TB RE3 HDD, +$10 2x 1TB RE3 (lots of disk options in stock)
      $165 with 2TB/100mbps Premium Mix OR unmetered/10mbps
      $189 w/ 2x 1TB RE3 HDD & hardware raid 1
      OR supercharge the server:
      $210 with 12GB RAM, 4x 1TB RE3 w/ RAID 10
      Or faster drives
      $215 with 12GB RAM, 4x 73GB 10k RPM 2.5" SAS w/ RAID 10

    • New Dual CPU Nehalem, (two cpu Core i7)
      2x Quad core Xeon e5504, 8 cores at 2.0ghz +$50 for dual 5520's
      12GB DDR3 Memory +$60 for 24GB +180 for 48GB ram
      1x 1TB RE3 HDD, +$10 for 2x 1TB RE3 HDD (raid, ssd, sas all in stock)
      $250 with 2TB/100mbps of Premium Mix
      OR $380 w/ 2x 1TB RE3 w/ raid 1

    Moving out the last of the q9550's, get them while you can!
    • Intel q9550, 4GB RAM, 1x 1TB RE3
      Core2 Quad Q9550 – 4x 2.83ghz w/ 12MB Cache (double the q9300)
      4GB Memory +$15 for 8GB +$45 for 16gb
      1x1TB RE3 HDD, +$10 for 2x 1TB RE3, RAID and SAS options in stock
      WOW $120 with 2TB/100mbps of Premium Mix OR unmetered/10mbps
      Or big upgrades:
      4x 1TB RE3 w/ Hardware RAID 5/10 for $175/mo
      4x 73gb 15k rpm sas w/ hardware raid 10 $189/mo

    ** Clearance servers, clients recently upgraded, usually only one in stock, first come first served**

    • Intel Core i7 920, 12gb ram, 1x 300gb 15,000 rpm SAS
      4 cores at 2.66ghz
      12gb ram
      1x 300GB 15,000 RPM sas
      $195 2TB/100mbps OR unmetered/10mbps

    • Dual Intel Xeon 5345, 12gb ram, 1x750gb hdd
      8x cores at 2.33ghz each
      12GB RAM
      1x 750gb HDD +$8 for 1TB RE3, +$20 for 2x 1TB RE3 & raid 1
      $179 2TB/100mbps OR unmetered/10mbps
      Supercharged: Dual 5345, 12gb, 4x 500gb w/ raid 10 $220

    ***8 in stock***
    • AMD Dual opteron 2356, 16gb ram, 2x 1TB w/ raid 1
      8 cores at 2.33ghz
      16gb ram, +$40 for 32gb ram
      2x 1TB Raid ED drives w/ hardware raid 1
      $199 2TB/100mbps OR unmetered/10mbps

    • Dual Intel Xeon 5506, 24gb ram, 4x 1TB w/ raid 10
      Intels new Xeon chip, 8 cores at 2.13ghz
      24GB DDR3 ram
      4x 1TB RE3 hdds w/ hardware raid 10
      $259 2TB/100mbps OR unmetered/10mbps

    • Quad core q8200, 4gb ram, 1tb hdd
      4 cores at 2.33ghz
      4gb ram +$20 for 8GB
      1x 1TB hdd
      $99 2TB/100mbps OR unmetered/10mbps

    • Intel Dual core e6850, 4gb ram, 1x750GB HDD
      2x cores at 3ghz each
      4gb ram +$15 for 8GB
      1x 750GB hard drive
      $99 2TB/100mbps OR unmetered/10mbps

    If you wish to cut cost even more we offer “buy downs” on the higher end servers. If you see a server that looks nice and wish to save some money in the long run? Buy it down!

    We give discounts for prepaying, buy 6 months get one free, buy 12 and get 2 free

    We will match, and in most cases, beat anyone’s price (on comparable hardware and similar network offerings). These specials will not last long, pick up your high-end server before it’s gone!

    Our servers now come with a Private GIGE Network. All servers also come with remote rebooters, currently reboots are done via tickets and completed within 15 minutes, but we are working on a portal that will allow clients to remote reboot their own servers.


    Besides what is listed below, we have 16 drive sata setups (14+TB of space), 16 drive 15k rpm scsi setups (big db servers), and complete cluster setups let us know if you need anything not listed.

    add Remote KVM w/ remote media mounting (use your home cdrom to load a server) $30 per month to add this to pretty much any of our servers.

    WebNX is not a reseller, We own all of our hardware and colo it in multiple cages and suites in down town Los Angeles.

    We are very flexible and open to unique configurations. Send us an e-mail with your requirements to [email protected] and we would be happy to provide you with a custom quote. We provide servers for some of the largest vB forums on the planet. If you have a setup that needs a lot of CPU power or disk I/O we have a solution for you, if you think it can't be done, give us a try!

    All servers come with 5 usable IP addresses on a private VLAN, no worries about traffic sniffing or IP's being randomly taken!

    Full Cpanel is $30 per month
    Cpanel VPS license is $12 per month
    DirectAdmin **FREE** with any $100+ Dedicated Server

    Extra RAM is $10 per GB per month (special deals for >8GB RAM, email us for details)

    Licenses are per *physical* CPU not per core
    Windows 2003 Web - $10 per CPU
    Windows 2003 or 2008 STD - $20 per CPU
    Windows 2003 or 2008 EE - $30 per CPU
    Windows 2008 DE - $50 per CPU

    Anything legal in USA and California is OK.
    Including legal adult content and proxy servers!
    With the exception of no IRC allowed.

    Do you need a load balanced forum or other setup? Let us know and we will setup a custom quote, from 4x 15k rpm scsi DB servers to 16x 15k scsi drive database servers, we do it all!

    ** The unmetered servers are dedicated 10mbps, full duplex. Stop worrying about overages! **

    Premium mix(5 providers and growing) – Mzima, Linkline, Pccw/btn, hurricane electric and cogent(in / to cogent only clients) more providers soon! – Pings test file –
    **this is the network our 10 and 100mbps unmetered servers are on***

    These offers are for new clients or can be added to a current clients lineup!
    Daniel Pautz - WebNX, Inc. dan >< Enterprise Hosting Solutions Los Angeles and Manhattan NewYork based Servers
    High end Dedicated Servers at reasonable prices and a Premium network with 9x providers route optimized with the Noction IRP

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    buy downs start at what price point ? i m interested in the q 9550 or the q8200.

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    sent an email

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    A reply to Ticket ID: 4662885 would be appreciated.plan to sign up with you guys.been waiting for a reply since september 5th.

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