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    How to create only mail package plans in WHM??


    I was approached by some of the local business here, who wants to contract a hosting plan just for email. Websites are not required/needed.

    I saw that some hosts offer this "email packages", and was looking on how to do it with WHM...

    Any help would be very much appreciatted.



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    Go to Packages-> "Add package" and look for the "cPanel Theme" choice. On of them is email only. Adjust other parameters accordingly.
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    I've found when using this approach that even if you select FTP accounts as '0' when setting up the package, the client can still use their default FTP account ([email protected]/cpanelpassword) to access their public_html and create websites.

    Don't really know how to get round this would be grateful if anyone knows?

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    Create a new package from WHM and assign email resources to that package only. After this assign this package to the accounts to which you wish to assign email resources only.
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