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    IGSobe Rocks Great Deals and Good Value!

    I just completed a month of service Internet Gateway of SOuth BEach or at least I think that is how they get their domain name and nick name.

    So far it has not been a trouble free experience, but all of it seems fair. From the get go it took a few days to setup the server since it was a custom order. That was not bad at all if you look at their prices. Then when I got the email saying that the server setup was complete it was not accessible.

    Here is where there is some room for improvement. Basically, the motherboard on the system was bad, I guess they got a few bad ones, but instead of telling me they stalled. Since it was a new install this didn't bother me as much. After beating them with tickets and instant chats they finally told me what was going on. I think they just don't communicate unless they know for sure what is going on, I like to know everything as it happens. Anyway, it only took a day or so to fix the issue (again it was not mission critical as nothing was on the server yet and what is there is not that important - yet.)

    So anyways, I got an awesome deal. I think originally it was to be a 2.8Ghz P4 with 2GB ram and 150 GB SATA for $56/mo. (A WHT post deal in advertisements under dedicated servers.) Because of the issue and supply John replaced it with a dual opteron 2.0ghz 4GB of ram and 500 gb ide for the same price of $56!! WOW!

    So far there has only been one 10 minutes loss in service. I just did a to San Fran, CA and got 14.32MB download and 28.25MB upload with a 74ms ping time.

    Overall, that makes for an awesome deal and service. I would recommend them to anyone who doesn't need 100% all the time and would like to save a lot of money.

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    Can you tell us the domain you have with them? If you would rather keep it private, please use this link for the moderators to verify.
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    The domain that will be hosted there when the new site using Kentico CMS is done is - you can view the site as it is completed, etc. So I will move the dns for to when the site is done.

    Yes, the old site is very ugly, that is why it is being redone! ;P

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