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    CP Suggestions? RHEL/Cent compatible, and source code

    So, I'm once again looking for control panel software, I can deploy on servers that are doing shared hosting. Must work with RHEL/CentOS 5.x.

    In terms of overall feature set, I was very happy with Plesk, around the 7.5/8.x versions, when I last used it. I liked being able to allocate IP's to resellers, I liked the overall structure of the UI and how things were split up. Only thing that really annoyed me, was the model for installing/assigning SSL certificates.

    Primary use is hosting sites that have been built in-house, not selling hosting to the public at-large; I don't need nor do I want the user to be able to install a CMS thru the control panel. Users must be able to login and manage their e-mail accounts, though.

    While it's a low priority, it would be great if the software is designed with a clustering mindset; the ability to move sites between multiple servers, assign specific servers a role (e.g. this is my MX server, this is my DB server, etc.), but that's low on the priorities list.

    Basically, I know what I'm doing, I could manage the server without a control panel (aside from e-mail, which I could solve with Zimbra/etc.), but I prefer a control panel so less technical staff can review, make changes, add sites, etc. I see value in a well-supported codebase with ongoing feature development, and I'm willing to pay for that, but I'd like to be able to tweak it, bugfix, etc., as needed. If the project ever went a direction I didn't like, I want to be able to freeze at my current version, and continue to customize it as-needed.

    I have past experience with Plesk, cPanel, Ensim, webmin, Cobalt Raq's CP, and an in-house software (easyADMIN).

    Hated Ensim, absolutely horrible to deal with at a low level, and wasn't too fond of the UI either. cPanel always struck me as very limited, and difficult to deal with under the surface. Plesk was great, when it worked, but bugs, lack of source, various limitations, and pricey licensing fees pushed me away. easyADMIN is on the simple side in a lot of ways - mainly designed as a migration path for Raq users, and relatively feature-limited, but ended up being my preferred software. Unfortunately, it's not available for general use, and hence not an option..

    Options that seem to be coming up:

    webmin (with virtualmin plugin). I haven't really looked at virtualmin, but webmin always struck me as a UI for people who don't know how to edit config files.

    DirectAdmin. Doesn't appear to have an SDK, and uses Exim (which I'm not familiar with, at all), but looks interesting.

    GPLHost looks great on a lot of fronts, love the multiple MTA support, but looks like Red Hat support became an afterthought and this is really aimed at Debian/FreeBSD users.

    RavenCore came up in searches, but the "Read More" link on the front page (linking to about.php) 404's. Not a good sign, in my book, when you're breaking links on your index page. That and the demo currently seems to be down, too.

    ISPConfig has come up a few times, and I just haven't gotten around to looking at it in detail, yet.

    Are there others I should be looking at? Do I need to waive my desire for source code, to get the best software?


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    I would recommend cPanel, apart from that a lengthy and sturdy testing for your needs is needed on panels you are unfamiliar with.

    I lately had the unfortunate experience of trying out LXAdmin on production.... You can probably guess how that ended up

    I find cPanel overally very easy under the hood aswell, there's the occasional config overwrite problem you have to deal with, but other than that: Simply great. It's a "bit" pricey tho ... Many european ISPs charge 30-35euros per month, while server itself costs around 60-120euros per month, it's a quite steep increase relative to hardware costs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by macker View Post
    GPLHost looks great on a lot of fronts, love the multiple MTA support, but looks like Red Hat support became an afterthought and this is really aimed at Debian/FreeBSD users.

    You might review your thoughts about it, we spent a great amount of time last summer on the CentOS port. The last release on our yum repo is from few days ago, with everything but SBOX cgi-protection working, and a quite easy install procedure. Also, I can't tell about the current state of the FreeBSD support as I didn't test it since a long time now, but I'd say it should be not as much ready as the CentOS port and still have issues.

    If you try, I'd be happy to have your feelings about it.

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