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Thread: port forwarding

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    port forwarding

    Hi everyone.

    I need to know if ConfigServer Security & Firewall can be configured to allow a person in Greece to use the servers IP address so he would have a us IP address.

    How would we go about doing this. It is a dedicated server.

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    Add his Ip address in csf allow list and try now.

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    OK so the IP is added to the allow list but how does he connect to use his web browser to surf?

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    CSF has absolutely nothing to do with setting up a proxy. For this you will need squid:

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    setup openvpn and give him access route the traffic for him over your server, thats it.

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    Thanks guys, I have checked on both openvpn and pptn. I will see which one works the best for us.

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    Another thing You can do is setting up an SSH tunnel and forward Your connection to it. It's the easiest thing to do. All other setups will be more difficult.

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