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    What is the best way of getting more sale

    Hi, I recently join an affiliate network and a hosting program to promote, the commission is very good, i implement the program ads on my site, my site doesnt have enough traffic or you can say not very famous,

    i want to know what is the best way to promote a site or affliate program so we can got maximum sale, I want to know your helpful comments guys,

    some ideas that is in my mind are , SEO, Article marketing or banner advertising on differnt website,,

    SEO is really expensive if we hired an expert SEO team for this.. if we talk about article marketing can u guys tell me how affective it would be?? Please give me your good suggestions. thanks

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    Hi Brad,
    All the above, my experience has been that your time spent on your project would provide you the most results, if you think SEO is expensive if you hire a professional then spend some time learning the tricks of that trade, this would be something you could always use, playing around with advertising could make you an advertising genius, as I said before your time spent on your site improvement and performance is the best money you could ever spend, best of luck to you.

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    There is ALOT of great information if you simply search Google related to SEO. I know you can find video tutorials on YouTube and other websites. Back when SEO was just getting popular I had no idea what exactly SEO was and how to use it effectively to obtain more traffic / sales. I took the time and read everything I could related to SEO. I even e-mailed people directly from websites asking questions and looking for advice. They where more then helpful and some of them I still talk to every now and then.

    There is no greater power then taking it upon yourself to obtain more information. If you are interested in hiring someone to do the SEO work for you I would hire and individual and not a company. Individuals tend to cost less and value the work more. Best of luck to you!
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    The web hosting review niche is still accessible, however it will take time if you are trying to break into it via SEO. You're looking at about 4-6 months of solid link building to get ranked decently.

    One thing you can do is hit up every web hosting and web master related forum that you can. Add a signature link to your website - make your website unique as well. Give people a reason to tell other people about your site. by simply making a top 10 hosting site, you won't get this kind of referral.

    Don't bother with article marketing. If you do a search for web hosting on google, you probably won't see a single ezinearticle in the top 100 search results. That should tell you whether or not it is worth it to attack via article marketing.
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    There are many many things you can do that are SEO related that will help you. Everything I know I learned on my own by searching Google for information and reading books. I have worked with many companies on SEO work and setting up keywords.

    First make sure you have Google Analytics setup and watch where your visitors come from and what keywords they are using. Also make sure you have an .xml sitemap and submit it to Google.

    Utilize all the power of social networking online, it has in fact proved to be very effective for a number of big and small businesses alike as businesses can be conducted on a global platform. With the help of such social networks your business gets the strength to reach millions of other people online. But just like the networking in the real world the basic principles do in fact apply here also. People should have the same interests because this interest is what actually connects you with others and them with you.

    As far as blog and article submissions if you have a company blog it can help your site get indexed more but there are also many free sites you can submit too that allow backlinks to your company site. I have a rather large list if you need some ideas I would happy to share.

    Press Releases are also a good idea if you have any big updates going on. There are many sites you can submit to for free and a few you have to pay a small fee to but are well worth the money.

    As many others have said there are so many forums on the net they are a great way to get backlinks to your site in signatures. Basically, a curiosity inducing one-liner and a link to your website is great. Once you have edited and saved your signature, it will appear at the bottom of all your comments in the forum discussions. That means, the more you participate in the discussions in the forums, the more people see your semi-ad written on your signature. I promise, this will encourage people to visit your website, and hopefully buy from you.

    Website URL submission is another way to get more links to your website. This will help your website get ranked high on major search engines, thus getting more visitor traffic by, well, submitting your website URL to the major search engines. You can buy or subscribe to software that will do this, but it is quite possible to get a good return by submitting manually.

    I hope this information helps you in some way and by all means make good use of WHT and all the helpful individuals on it. Ask questions and we will all try to help you out as much as we can.
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    As jaber said,I also agree that make your site got a better performance is very important.That makes your site more trustable.
    Do not pay all your attention on advertising.Maybe that helps your site shown on the first page on google.But people won't easily believe on a fresh name without a good performance.They won't even try it but just click on "close".

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    Start small. Go back to local advertising. You'd be surprised how much that works, then build up from there. Dont jump in the deep end to quickly or you will quickly find your money is GONE!
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    The web Hosting market is very saturated so be prepared to get lot of customers. There are more and more web hosts day by day!
    If you have deep pockets then affiliate programs is fine. Concentrate in getting as much more as inbound links as possible to your site. Create your E-Book selling websites.
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    Quote Originally Posted by inspiron View Post
    The web Hosting market is very saturated so be prepared to get lot of customers. There are more and more web hosts day by day!
    If you have deep pockets then affiliate programs is fine. Concentrate in getting as much more as inbound links as possible to your site. Create your E-Book selling websites.
    You don't have to have deep pockets to do affiliate programs, but try and stick with the more reputable services if you do. The key is exposure, finding your edge on your competition, and a clever marketing tactic. As for article marketing, whatever you do use original content on the articles you write (don't have it on your site) and the link value can be decent. Trying the mass "hundreds of sites" submission method seemed less effective than sticking to a few of the bigger more reputable sites, but I no longer bother with it as timewise it's not effective for me.

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