Hello everyone,

I don't like doing this but I'm up against a brick wall. I recently relocated to Northern Ireland from England for my wife's work. Moved to UK permanently earlier in the year. I've been out formal work for some time. As I have a mild disability and stutter. Though it never affected my I.T work, its been tricky to find companies to look past that.

Anyway recently I've started having marital issues and my spouse has effectively said she no longer will support me money wise. Though I've applied for disability support, it could take several months to kick in. That is the only benefit I'm apparently entitled to having never formally worked in the UK yet.

Effectively I have zero means to live and support myself. I wanted to ask the community for any possible leads on any work. Whether it be full, part time a one off project. Working a few hours a week. Anything to try and generate a small bit of income coming in so I have means to support myself.

The majority of my experience has been free-lance. The bulk of it has been: remote tech support i.e help desk. Also general support/on-site: fixing computer and network issues. I have solid: Windows, Mac and Linux knowledge. I'd be willing to learn new areas such as SEO if someone was willing to give a quick crash training. I pick up new computer stuff very quickly. Or anything none-IT specific that could be done remotely i.e: data entry work etc. I'd be willing to do.

If anyone has any leads, or could keep an ear out. I'd be very grateful. I can send my CV etc on request.