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    SEO in Wordpress? Problem

    Hello once again

    I notice when I test my website to see what comes up in the search engine, the post content hardly ever comes up, just my title and footer

    Say I made an article about a particular book or game, and I put it into google, my site always comes up showing just the header and footer, never the content of the post

    It's quite frustrating - does anyone know how to optimise a wordpress blog for SEO? thanks
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  2. ...are you using the SEO plug-in, I havent utilised wordpress myself for a while but i do recall a colleague of mine mentioning it a few days ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 100bulletsfan View Post
    ...are you using the SEO plug-in, I havent utilised wordpress myself for a while but i do recall a colleague of mine mentioning it a few days ago.
    which one? i think i am using one or two
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    All in one SEO.
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    Yes, you should activate the All in one SEO plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
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    All-in-one has nothing to do with that. It's possible that your privacy settings are set incorrectly.

    Go into WP's admin
    Click on Settings
    Click on Privacy
    Make sure the top radio button is marked then click Save Changes.
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    Someone who knows Wordpress? Its a user friedly application but do you know of a resource where can one get answers to Wordpress questions other than the forum?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rainchild View Post
    All in one SEO.
    That plugin is boss. It will do all the SEO work you will need to do for you. It should also solve your indexing problem.
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