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    Upgrading to VPS from Shared Godaddy Hosting

    I just upgraded my shared Godaddy hosting plan to a Godaddy Virtual Dedicated Server package. How long does it take to switch everything from the old server to the new server? Are there instructions somewhere which explain this process?


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    Try contacting GD..obviously.

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    I've already done that, but their answers are very vague. I'm curious how long it will take for the server to become available, and then how long it will take for me to upload all the files, get the dB up, transfer a SSL, and link the domain name to the hosting package.

    Any ideas?

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    If the answer if very vague probably means it could be any time from 1hour to a day.... otherwise they would be more specific...
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    Normally this upgrade is quick and simple, including in Godaddy. Verify by ssh if your new home is correctly setup. If you found not your files there you have to contact the Godaddy support.
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    You will need to update the A record in your dns manager (if not already accomplished). If you give me your domain name I can investigate.

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    Usually takes 1-2 days after the DNS setup but it should be quicker because you upgrade on the same host.
    Contact them again ask for exact time.
    I am sure they will respond immediately.

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