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    Exclamation Editing DNS zone and nameservers [Newbie]

    I'm a newbie at DNS configuration and I have a problem I can't find an
    answer at google or here in the archive.

    I have a domain A I want to use as nameserver for domain B

    I want to let domain B checks ns1.A and discover that he have to use ns1.C
    as real nameserver

    I tried adding in the A DNS zone

    ns1 10800 IN NS ns1.C.

    and using ns1.A as nameserver for B

    but it isn't working. I'm not sure what is wrong, probably I didn't
    understand something about how to configure the DNS zone. May you please
    help me to find something useful about what I didn't understood on the net
    or any working configuration?

    Thank you very much

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    Nameservers actually operate differently than "regular" DNS records. To set up custom nameservers in this way, they actually need to be "registered" with the registrar... the place that you registered the domain at. It's not the same as purchasing a new domain, but it's a separate process that must be done on their end.

    I'd recommend contacting the company that you purchased your domain registration from and asking for information on how to set up custom nameservers with them. This is where it would need to be done. If you registered "domain A" with GoDaddy, for example, you would need to create your custom nameservers with them or contact them for help with doing this if you're not familiar with setting them up yourself.

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    You need to register both of the name servers at your registrar and point them to the IP's of your DNS server.
    This DNS server will then get all of the queries from them name servers and the domains using them name servers.
    You can then edit DNS to direct traffic based on the domains.
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    you could just add the A record for B at ns1.A to point it to the IP ns1.C

    if you add ns1.A as B's nameservers, then it will search for B's A record at ns1.A.
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    Thank you very much for the help. I'm contacting my registar support to check with them what have I to do

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