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    Westnic.Net reviews?

    I am currently with scarabweb and since the change in ownership their support and customer service have gone markedly downhill. Anyway, I will have three, possibly four ecommerce sites with dedicated SSL's. They will be selling virtual goods so while I'm not using a lot now (on scarabweb's mini plan with plenty of room), am hoping to grow.

    Loving the pricing offered by Westnic.NET so want to see if there are any reviews out there. By the time I factor in SSL costs, dedicated IP costs, etc. I'm paying about $17/mo currently, so the special they're running right now (Westnic) would be perfect.


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    I used scarabweb a while back before i got a rack partner and invested in my own racks I was using their Mega Reseller Plan and it seemed decent for a while till everything went downhill after i had a extreme Loss of data caused by something on their end If i still had the Support responses i would post them to contribute a bit for this review. They are good but not always Reliable

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    They were awesome with a side helping of amazing prior to the new owner. Once they were sold... that's it. I posted over on the 18 month review thread but let's just say they have really screwed up during the month of August (with a noticeable impact on my business) with their incompetence and no signs of it getting any better... and there was serious downtime on the server about three hours ago this morning, which prompted me to finally do something about changing...

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    Well, yea i agree 100% with what your saying I still keep a small plan with them just for Experimental purposes only. They have screwed up majorly in the month of august and i dont see it stopping anytime soon. I expect to see more downtime within the month of september aswell. I guess once things go south it takes a while to get them back up north But, i don't see them getting any better anytime soon regardless

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