Hello there,

I'm a web developer, and have hit a problem which appears to be server related.

I work for a small company, and we have a dedicated server that unfortunately runs IIS. I've hit a few small problems before because of this, but now I've really been stumped with this one.

Essentially, I've built a site that is using jQuery, and a few other static .js files. I've used various other bits of jQuery in the past on our server with no problems.

I got the jQuery feature working locally, and then uplaoded it to the site. It didn't work. Then I uploaded it to a different area on our server (in case something else in the website was causing a conflict). Still didn't work. Then I uploaded it to my personal web host (which is Apache) and it worked, no problems.

So I guess its something to do with IIS. When we access it through the directory path (ie - D: / WebRoot / thesitename / index . html) it works. Its just when we access it via the domain that it doesn't work.

Somebody from another forum has told me that there is the following error with it:

HTTP Error 405 - The HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed. Internet Information Services (IIS)

Sadly, I don't know a great deal about servers and stuff. But I did find this http: // support . microsoft . com / kb / 831464 about it.

Here is the basic feature I'm trying to make work.

http: / / www . picseli.co.uk/portal/map/example.html - Doesn't work

http: / / www . neil-page.co.uk/map/example.html - Works!

This is driving me completely bonkers to be honest, and I'd be very grateful to anybody who could help!

Thanks in advance.