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    How to redirect to offline webpage ?

    I am hosting a webpage on my own xampp server and would like to redirect visitors to similar page on Windows Live when my server is offline ... would anybody advise a script somewhere to make something like that ? Thanks a lot in advance

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    If you use a domain, you would need something like this: - but I do not know if Windows live allow you to map a domain.

    You can write your own script as well to check if your home server is available and redirect customers to another page - but you will need an external hosting account... to avoid all this, just get a 5$ decent hosting account (like HostGator), host your site there and you will be fine.
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    As was mentioned, it's probably a better idea to just pay for a hosting plan that allows you to run what you're looking for. It would be fairly difficult for someone hosting their own webpage on their own personal server to redirect requests to another location when that server is offline, since when it's offline it's not able to do the redirection itself.

    That DNS failover server is a good solution for what you want to do, but if you're going to be paying for something either way, it's probably better to just get an actual web host to host your website for you so you don't have to worry about it.

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