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    FREE VPS for Two Months. 1 GB RAM, 50 GB SPACE, 500 GB BW

    Hello WHT Members,

    We have a special offer which is open only for first 50 signups.

    Offering 100% DISCOUNT on our VPS pack for TWO months. Try US absolutely free with no risk. Cancell anytime.

    Signup for our E-Commerce Hosting Trial for $0.01 and receive a VPS absolutely free for 2 months. No hidden charges.


    256 MB Guaranteed Ram. Upto 1 GB burstable
    Intel quad core 3.0 GHZ server
    100 MBits Port
    50 GB Space
    500 GB Bandwidth
    Remote Desktop.
    Unmanaged server.
    Hyper VM Control Panel
    XEN platform

    PLUS > FREE 8.99$ Domain reseller account
    FREE one month of shared web hosting trial
    FREE one months of reseller web hosting trial

    More details about pack at

    This package is not available for order from the website. Please PM for ordering.

    PS: Verified Paypal required to signup.

    Windows 2008 available at 20$ setup + 6$ extra recurring.

    You can continue with the package for just $9.99 / month after the trial period.
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    you have time to post here, but why you not reply my email ?

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    I am looking for a VPS. I want to run a few applications in the VPS. I previously purchased Linux VPS and had no idea on how to run my applications there. Heard that windows VPS is the way to go. So before purchasing any other VPS, I would absolutely love to try it and see if I can use my applications.

    I have verified PP as well as CC. Get back to me ASAP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lanogan View Post

    you have time to post here, but why you not reply my email ?
    Scam ? did you even pay for your hosting account ?

    Your account has been pending activation as you had canceled your verification fee payment and your account has been flagged to be fraudulent. We are still awaiting your valid photo ID to be posted to activate your account.

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    Offer Update!

    We are currently out of stock. It may take upto 3 days to receive your VPS. So look out at this thread for another update to check availability.

    Do not order until we update this thread.

    Yes, we offer free trial for all our VPS packages. Just let me know which plan you are interested in so we could setup your VPS trial.

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    I am also looking for a VPS. I well run Metatrade 4 and the Hive-Nano plan would be enough for me.
    I look forward to your reply

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    any review ?
    - do it your self.

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