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    I posted a review of Pacific Rack almost two years ago now after I signed up... and figured it was about time to review them again.

    I can't link to it with so few posts, but search and you should find my old post.

    Since my last update, I have changed servers earlier this year. I requested my rent-to-own sent to me, which they did with approximately $20 charge for the shipping, no handling fee. The server that arrived was plain, but had been mine.

    My service with them has been great. I have had a couple issues, I would say 3 in the last year. Twice I received a response within 10 minutes, the other within 30, with the issues being resolved promptly.

    So this is sort of a short review... but I think that is good. Their service is reliable, their support quick.

    And no, I am not related to pacificrack in any way, as was insinuated in an earlier thread.

    My hosting goes as follows at the moment:
    PacificRack - Game Server
    CirtexHosting - Website (in the process of moving due to issues)
    SharkSpace - Website (moving to based on WHT reviews)

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    Would you say you are happy hosting a dedicated server for games with PacificRack? I am looking to expand to LA and they are one of the top companies I am considering. I've heard nothing but good things about them.

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    I am very happy hosting a dedicated server with them. Haven't noticed LAG issues at all.

    Just ran a speed test on from the server to San Francisco

    10108kbps down / 86669kbps up

    Not bad for my 10Mb switch connection.

    Let me know if you want any more specifics.

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    Thanks for Your Review
    keep us updated
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    Tomer A

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    Good to hear that you are pleased with PR You have been with them for quite a while!

    Be sure to use the Report button to provide a domain/ip on the server to the mods for validation
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    Glad to see the review. Keep us updating further.
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    Great review! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. Best of luck to you.
    We develop brand identity for the web.
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    Another vote for pacificrack here We have a couple servers with them for our vps customers, very reliable, haven't had a network/hardware problem, yet.

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    We've got servers there, no complaints, their network is very quick and latency is very low, every test I run on it their latency simply rocks compared to other providers we use.

    Support is pretty fast too, tickets are usually answered quickly and one time we encountered an issue with Virtuozzo and the raid cards in our servers and they knew the fix and had us going quickly, we'da probably spent hours on Google figuring it out But they knew already saving us time.

    Just another happy user of PacifiCrack's services (sorry but that's just how I say it in my mind I can't help myself).
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    PR has been always awesome provider for us with solid network and support team.
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