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    black screen in java applet


    When i connect to my vps through a java enabled browser it logs me in and asks for my password and everything and then the screen is black ...

    please help!!

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    im running centos 5 as a OS ....anyone?

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    You would be better posting in the technical support part of the forum.
    Or contacting your hosting company,
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    Raise a ticket with hosting provider, must be some internal issue doesn't seem to be a familiar issue
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    It would help to know who your provider is, and what virtualization you are running on. As a shot in the dark though it could just be that your VPS has switched the virtual monitor into power saving mode due to inactivity. Try pressing a non-modifier key (such as space) and see if that wakes it up.

    We use KVM which provides the VPS with such a realistic environment it blanks the console after a period of inactivity (saving virtual electricity) just as it would on the bare metal. Normally if you plugged a keyboard in and see nothing you might press control to wake up the display, but our applet handles control by itself, which is why we need to press a non-modifier key for it to actually be sent to the VPS to wake up the screen.

    Perhaps your provider has a similar setup, so try hitting a key. Good luck.

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