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    Anyone use

    If so, would like to hear your experiences and how long have you used them.

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    I am curious too. Anyone use them?

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    I signed up for a server with them roughly a week ago, the only thing was the server took 3 days to setup.

    keep in mind their located in FDCServers Datacenter so you shouldn't have to worry about much, they seem to just be a reseller.

    Server is great, great speed, no downtime so far. i really like it, along with the pricing because i did a buydown on the ram and hdd in my server.
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    I'd suggest doing a search on forums here and look for reviews about them. If you couldn't find any review of a particular host, then, i'd recommend trying to find out if they're a registered business, on a reputable network/datacenter, email them and ask them pre-sales questions.

    Hope all goes well for you with them.

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