Hi everybody, I need some feedback on Hostany's reliability and support. I've done a search and all I came up with were general threads that Eric from Hostany posted in that have nothing to do with their hosting and the other ones involved their response times to requests for Cpanel licenses, etc.

I'd like to hear some feedback from people who have been hosted at Hostany for at least 3-5 months. The longer the better. Of course I'm still open to feedback from people hosted there for any length of time. I'm considering a reseller plan there so responses from people using Hostany's reseller accounts would be great.

I'd just like to hear what you think of their service in general, uptime, speed, features, and last but not least, support. All meaningful responses are MUCH appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.

And something a little more off topic, can anyone recommend good hosting directories or forums that have host rankings, reviews, and general discussions about hosting (like here at webhostingtalk). Thanks!