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    Wich hostingplan or provider?

    hi every one

    first thing to say is i am dont want to make a website
    but my questions is if soemone does make a torrent website
    wich hosting provider do you have to choose and is the best

    like wich providers are using mininova , pirate bay or other torrent sites

    and i also want to know what kind of provider you need to start a torrent site like
    torrentz isnt hosting any torrent they are just linking so how many bandwith do you need and wich are good
    can soemone please telle me step by step what to do to run a torrent site on wich webhost

    again i dont want to start a torrent site this information is going on my blog wich is about torrentsites

    so any help is welcome


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    Websites using 'mininova , pirate bay or other torrent sites' are most likely not hosted in the United States but more so over seas. For a torrent website you will need a large amount of bandwidth. Off the top of my head I would say atleast 20+ TB. I don't know of any web hosting service providers that are located over seas and that specialize in such websites. Most web hosting providers do not want to deal with such websites / servers because of the amount of resources they use.
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    Go for offshore servers, preferably in China, Japan, or somewhere near the Middle East.

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    Amsterdam is the choice for hosting those kind of websites.

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    That is recommended to have dedicated server for this kind of the service. Moreover not each web hosting company will be able to allow that for you
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    Korea has very loose laws when it comes to warez sites and selling of that kind of stuff. If you are willing to pay off people, you can get a very good deal in Korea.
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