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    * Dedishack review

    Hello people

    just wanted to do a quick review of Dedishack

    At the moment I have a dedicated server with them 3gig Box 2 X 80 HD paying less then 50 per month which is quite a good price

    I'm using the box to stream an online Radio station that broadcasts 24/7 using shoutcast plus host a few websites on there

    The company is based in UK, and so are there server have been with them for around 1.5 years and found them very good helpful and lovely

    I think they own their own hardware and co-locate their servers but nonetheless service which they provide is awesome and top notch. Not many reviews about this company here but thought i'd jump in and post something about them!

    They got some pretty good deals - but i guess you need to ask them to get the extras as its not advertised if you are lucky enough!

    Well so they been using one dedicated centre for over a year now and they moving to a new dedicated centre so they offered me another box but with 4gig ram at no extra cost

    they dont do cpanel or anything like that but you can easily buy that elsewhere,

    they will help you out with management of the server i.e updates/install this and that (they pretty good with shoutcast so if anyone interested in shoutcast hosting then go with them)

    I also use other providers such as liquidweb but for that i use it mainly for webhosting but with dedishack i use it to stream stuff and host a few large websites and forurm and so far not been let down by their service!

    Just thought id put in a review for the "Smaller hosting outfits out there"

    Would recommend them!

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    You probably should have posted this in the "Dedicated Servers" section I've reported the thread so that hopefully it gets moved for you quickly.

    Beyond that, thanks for taking the time to write a detailed review

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    Thanks for the review. Great to see you're happy. Keep us posted.

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    Thank you for the kind words Saj - it's been great having you aboard! :-)

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    Dedishack looks nice, was interested in getting something from them, definitely reinfoces that potential sale to me!
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    Thanks for sharing your experience here. Also as you said I have not seen much here about them. So it is always a pleasure to see a review on them. Keep us updated again. Keep up the good work Dedishack.

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    Rohan, did you use to run a business by the name of

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    Thank you for taking the time to write a review. Your review was delightful. Thanks again for sharing your experience!
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    Kayz, before that domain expired I hosted some personal stuff off it (gameservers and some shoutcasts mainly)

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