I need to host an application on Tomcat 6, running under IIS. But since I've never worked with Apache before, I'm having some trouble in making the app run properly.

I need to run that application into a specific website (www.mydomain.com). DNS is already configured, sure.

I need my Tomcat app to run on the root of that site. So, for example, when I access www.mydomain.com, I want the user to be actually accessing the app.

The current application path is "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\webapps\cc\chat"

My questions are:

1. What should be the default path for that website on IIS?

2. Could you please help me to set up server.xml file for Tomcat? I'm a lot confused about the "host name", "appbase", "context path" and other parameters.

We've been hanging our heads against the wall for quite some time on this, with no success.

I'd really appreciate if you could help me understand this.

Best regards,

Helder Conde