Looking to sell the two oldest hosting domains that I have and held on to them for sentimental reasons for the last few years. is just under six and a half years old and is just under six years old.

There are some links floating around the internet to the sites, which for the last couple of years have just been holding pages after selling the company a few years back.

The name itself is quite catchy and easy to remember, add to that the age of them and I think they could be a good buy for a hosting company, new or old.

Pricewise I am looking for low - mid $xxx, I may be way out of the park on value so please feel free to give an offer.

I will consider the highest bids on 13 September 2009 at 1200 GMT - if there are no reasonable prices, then they stay as holding pages which would be a shame, they would like to be used in a busy company again

Thanks for your time.