My name is Anthony Jewell and I have over nine years of experience working in Web Development. I am very easy to work with and love to always satisfy the needs of my clients, this is why I've had many repeat clients and believe that the project isn't done until you are satisfied.

The reason I am posting is that I have some openings in my design schedule. I prefer to work on larger projects as they allow me to advance my skill in design while providing you with the very best of my work. I am only looking at taking one to two projects on at this time because I want guarantee you that I dedicated to your project.

My full portfolio can be seen at www.SiteNex.com. I've also included some recent work below for you to view:

Recent Work:

For all projects:

1. You will be guaranteed that my work is 100% original and comes with unlimited revisions as well as multiple concepts.

2. I provide daily updates, Monday - Friday and am available to contact between 9am and 5pm Atlantic time.

3. I bring together my knowledge of the last nine plus years of design and will give you great input in making your website one of the best on the web.

I would also like to mention that any projects that I take on that are over the $750.00 mark will come with some great benefits.

1. A unique AOL id that only you can contact me on.

2. Your own unique 1800 number that I will provide free of charge that gives you the ability to talk with me directly about your project and how things are progressing.

3. Also for any projects over $750.00 you get a 5 day no questions asked money back guarantee if you do not like my work up to that point.

Please feel free to post below, pm me or contact me via email(or through my website using the free quote system).

Also in case you don't need a website done but know a friend who does I would like to mention that I do also offer a finders fee of 15% for any projects referred to me.

I look forward to hearing and working with you.