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    Thumbs up Ipower and Tucows and not losing my domain!

    Hello. This is my first post but I really should have joined a community like this a long time ago. I look forward to becoming a regular member here

    My reason for starting this thread is simple.

    I currently have a number of website accounts with However, for a number of reasons I am looking to transfer my websites to a new host and close all my accounts with Ipower.

    Putting aside the whole part of transfering large databases from one host to another without anything going wrong / getting lost / exploding my main concern with all this is keeping the domain names.

    When I bought my hosting accounts with Ipower they included the free domain name which they registered through Tucows. All management and renewals for the domain name are done through the Ipower control panel.

    However, I wish to take my whole website including the domain name away to another host so that I have nothing left with Ipower. I have read threads online about how even when people just use Ipower to hold their domain names (pointing at web space elsewhere) Ipower continue to bill them for full hosting accounts. I do not want this. I want everything in one neat easy-to-manage location.

    The problem is that Ipower obviously doesn't have a "Pack Up And Leave" option in their control panel and Tucows doesn't seem to have a client area.

    Does anyone here have experience with Ipower?
    Has anyone here got domains registered with Tucows?
    Can anyone advise me on the best way to get my domain name safely out of there and over to some new hosts without losing it?

    I have visions of my fantastic domain name being used as one of those stupid advert-search-engine pages with me unable to do anything about it

    I am sorry if I have not explained my problem clearly enough but any advice on any part of it would be great. Thanks a lot!

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    go to your tucows control panel, unlock the domain, get the auth code, check your details are correctly listed at the administrative contact and buy a domain transfer at another registrar.

    That's the way to move the domain to another company
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    Elmister, you are both a scholar and a gentleman . Thanks!

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    A domain transfer may take up to 1 week, be patient, after you confirm the transfer you have to wait.

    Once the domain is succesfully transfered, be sure to cancel the service at ipower, they will not realize you transfered the domain away and will try to renew it and charge your card.

    So send a cancellation ticket or use whatever system they could have to notify them the cancellation.

    I'm not scholar, i'm more than 30 years old ;-), but thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by elmister View Post
    they will not realize you transfered the domain away
    Tucows resellers KNOW when a domain transfers away. Of course, how they choose to bill their customers is another story.
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