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    i7-920 vs C2Q 9550

    my datacenter have give me the same price for i7-920 and C2Q 9550 cpu in servers.
    I know i7-920 is newer and better for gaming but the Q9550 have more Cache.
    have you do any benchmark in high load web servers? May the i7 in some process is faster but when many process make load (mysql apache exim) the Q9550 is better because of the cache and more clock speed (2.83 GHz vs 2.66)?

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    for me i go with i7-920 more powerfull and Reliable
    good luck
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    223 shows better performance for i7-920

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    Stange question actually. Why old architecture of Core 2 should works better than i7? i7 definitely better from all points, it will give you 4 additional virtual cores as well, that gives real benefits for server related application.

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    I had a 9550 and I have that i7. The i7 performs remarkably better, so if the price is the same (with enough RAM and fast HDs) then you should take the i7 for sure! In my case, especially the SQL performance on the i7 is way ahead, maybe because of the hyperthreading and the 12 GB RAM (the 9550 had 8 GB).
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    Newer architecture would definately work better! Just go with the i7.

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