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    Review of several providers - Gnax, WireSix, FDC, Colo4Jax

    We have been with each one of the following providers for a good amount of time with a few servers located at each location. I will try to keep it short and to the point.


    Pros: These guys are great. They are very easy to work with, flexible with custom configurations, 24/7 support (phone and helpdesk). Network has been rock solid for us for a long time now, no complaints here. With their new locations coming online, it's only getting better. They just need to setup backend network between their DCs. Deploys are very quick (from a few hours to within 24 if hardware is available). Remote reboot/KVM/IP is great on newer models. Very quick response times to os reloads, reboots, hardware replacements in both Dallas and Atlanta. Experienced support staff.

    Cons: Our only real gripe is the once-in-a-blue-moon shortage of hardware. This includes some RAID cards, high end HDs, etc.. This does not happen often, but if they can order inventory so everything is always in stock, that would be terrific. So, this isn't a big deal, but can delay some orders.


    Pros: Very solid network, great hardware (hardly ever get hardware failures), ability to setup pretty much any custom configuration you need. Great pricing with low priced upgrades. Hardware is always available when you need it for pretty much anything, which is a great plus. Free OS reloads are nice. Experienced support staff.

    Cons: Support can sometimes take longer than desired to reply, but the replies are always meaningful and to the point. After the problem is worked on, it is fixed quickly. No helpdesk/billing system, so harder to track invoices/support. This is being worked on with WHMCS and Kayako we are being told. Deployments take longer than at other locations, but within a reasonable time frame of 72 hours.


    Pros: Terrific network, no downtimes yet, hardware is also top-notch with the ability to get pretty much everything configured. Backend network is also a huge plus. Pricing is very competitive and the staff is great. Deploys are very quick (from a few hours to within 24 if hardware is available). Remote reboots are a good addition. Hardware replacements are done quickly and if a certain piece is not available, they will install a better one for free (ie 500gb failed, install 750gb for free). Free OS reloads are nice. Experienced support staff.

    Cons: Certain support requests can take slightly longer to get done, but for emergency issues like hardware replacements, reboots, os reloads, these are done very quickly. They are currently moving into a new DC so not too many configurations available, but that should change after the move is complete.


    Pros: Best prices for high bandwidth solutions. Network has been very solid for us, without latency at both Denver and Chicago for the most part. Servers are almost always setup within a few hours. Lightning fast support replies, and this is consistent. All issues are resolved quickly. Sales is available pretty much 24/7 from our experience. Very competitive pricing for services and upgrades. Free OS reloads are nice. Experienced support staff.

    Cons: Hardware quality is not as good as at the other 3 locations. We see slightly more hardware failures at FDC, but don't get me wrong, they are still very few and inbetween are fixed quickly and painlessly. Lack of free remote reboots, backend network. This is to be expected with the low prices.

    DISCLAIMER: The order in which I did the reviews is random and is in no way indicative of each DC's performance.

    To sum it up, I think each one of those 4 locations is superb and would make a great home for anyone, depending on their needs.

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    Thanks. Always like the multiple reviews in a thread.

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